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Building apps with JSX for UI5

by Serban Petrescu

About me

  • Senior IT Consultant @ msg-systems
  • Lead developer and architect
  • Worked with ABAP, HANA, UI5, SCP
  • SAP Developer Hero (2018)

The Gallery App

(it was awarded 2nd place in this year's UI5 Top 5)

Web Recap

HTML: intermingled structure and data.

CSS: defines how the HTML should look like.

JavaScript: user interaction, communication with the backend, dynamic UI building, etc.

Bare HTML vs With Semantic CSS

UI5 Basics

UI5 is a (archaic) partially open source framework from SAP. It has all the necessary parts for building UIs from scratch.

UI5 applications boil down to a tree of controls. Each control may have several aggregations under which child controls may reside.

Each control has a renderer function or class which is responsible for writing the control's HTML.


JSX Basics

JSX is a syntax extension for JavaScript popularized by ReactJS.

The power of JSX is that it can be mixed with regular JavaScript expressions.

For example the following JSX expression:

    { ["A", "B", "C", "D", "E"].forEach(l =>
  • { l }
  • ) }

... could potentially create a list with 5 items.

JSX needs to be compiled into regular JavaScript.

For example the following React JSX expression:

const element = (
    <h1 className="greeting">Hello, world!</h1>

... gets compiled using Babel into:

const element = React.createElement(
    'h1', {className: 'greeting'}, 'Hello, world!'

Custom Controls

UI5 allows developers to define their own controls, in the same way that standard controls are created by SAP.

Rendering the HTML for a control is a pain in the #$!. It is highly error prone and completely unreadable.

UI5 documentation renderer example:

function(oRm, oControl) {
    oRm.addStyle('width', oControl.getSize());
    oRm.addStyle('height', oControl.getSize());

Wouldn't it be easier to just write:

function(oRm, oControl) {
    var size = oControl.getSize();
        <div class="mySquare" style={ {width: size, height: size} }>
            { oControl.getText() }

We can do just that using Babel with a small plugin that I wrote.

Demo: Select

With JSX


Why JSX?

There is a wide support from tools and frameworks:

  • ReactJS (>90k stars)
  • VueJS (>90k stars)
  • BabelJS (>25k stars)

OpenUI5 has ~1.5k stars.

Can be checked at design time using eslint to prevent frequent mistakes (e.g. forgetting to close a div tag).

Arguably, it has the most flexibility because it can use JavaScript expressions directly.


Thanks for your attention!


  • @petrescu_serban